two woman devotees below age 50 claim they entered sabarimala temple

Two woman devotees aged below 50 claim they entered the sabarimala temple which is in kerala.the women aged below 5 and aged above 50 are only allowed to enter sabarimala temple and men of all the ages are allowed this is the tradition being followed since 800 years the temple has been constructed.

the sabarimala temple has been constructed before 800 years .in early days it was a normal temple as people used to worship later the people who come worship have started to worship the god ayyapan with daily prayers by great fastings and regulations.the people used to visit the sabarimala temple at the end of the year it is during the months of december and january.this rituals has been followed because god ayyapn was bachelor so there were only men were allowed and women of respective ages.

on 2.1.2019 wednesday two women named Bhindhu and Kanaga durga entered the sabarimala temple at the time of early morning 3.45am.they entered into the temple by using the way which the people work in the temple used to enter.they entered by the help of the police by saying that they are transgender. this has happened because of the great movement happened in kerala i.e the women in kerala formed a human chain of about 620 km.this has made a great sound across the country.the government also supports the women can enter the sabarimala temple .the kerala CM Pinarayi vijayan has ordered the police to protect the women entering sabarimala temple.

though many people are against this many feminists enjoy this as a great as they have also got equal right to men and there also people who worry that the tradition and the rules that they were following has been lost.