pregnant women has been affected by HIV by blood transfusion

HIV infected blood

the man had discovered that he had HIV after donated the blood.he alerted the blood bank,officials has found that his blood has been already used for blood transfusion.the blood has been transfused  for a pregnant women.

the news that a pregnant women has been infected by HIV has created big noise all over the country.the man who has donated his blood has attempted suicide on wednesday. ramanathapuram police has confirmed that 19 years old blood donor has attempted suicide on wednesday.after that he was rushed to the government hospital in ramanthapuram.the DSP said that the man’s condition is not worse and he stable and he is being treated.

this incident has happened by the improper screening process at the government hospital in sattur,which has left a nine month old pregnant women infected by HIV.the women had visited that hospit on december 3 for a check up there she was diagonsed to be anemic so that blood was transfused to her.

the man who has donated his blood has found that he was HIV infected after he donated his blood. the donor has tested his blood in a laboratory for his visa process that was found he is HIV positive .after that contacted the officials of bank that he donated his HIV infected blood the officials has found that the blood has been already used for transfusion.

the tamil nadu health depart has terminated the employees who are responsible for this case.the state government has also formed an commitee of experts to treat the pregnant women under the leadership of Dr.Sindha ,the senior blood bank officier. the government has also said that if the women’s relatives and her husband are not satisfied with the treated in government hospital they can shift her to private hospital all the expense for her treatment will donated by the government.