It is there so much political unrest in India.Is it PM vs CM or Is it Centre vs Opposition?.Why has been the CBI Officer arrested?

She is not only stopping the CBI but also the opposition (BJP) too. In democracy opposition is considered as a first pillar of constitution. But, hatred, greediness and fear has caught her completely. She has gone out of mind due to fear of her doom and defeat. She want to apply every tectic and trick that can save her face from getting blow of rotten eggs and tomatto.

She knows as long as she is CM she can influence the system and administration to work in her favour by misusing her position.

She also knows that the day when she stepped down as a CM then the same system and administration that she has misleaded for decades will do justice and the pot of her sins will burst off.

It is our terrible misfortune that the opposition are not discharging their moral and democratic duties towards nation honestly. Congress, AAP, SP, BSP, NC, PDP, RJD, RLD, INLD, MNS and all other parties do talk about freedom of expression, unbiased working of judiciary system and fair function of mass media but their mouth get busy in sucking lollipop when TMC activists unleash the wrath of anger and hatred and take lives of rival party’s member. They get paralyzed when Hindus are killed in West Bengal.

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They feel heavy rush of blood and energy through their veins and muscles when they see someone has killed in a BJP ruling state. They start their car off and drive it at 120km/h on fifth gear and hit break as soon as when they reach the spot. Then other leaders follow the footprints.

For Mamta Benerjee it is not mere a election and politics but it is far more than it. She holds plenty of secrets that can be exposed with her removal as a CM.

The nightmare what she is realizing to come with her impending defeat, must come true. Nation wants to know what she has been doing for decades behind the door.

So the Question arises why the PM is not answering the Question’s raised by the Opposition.Will Mamta and Alliance come in power or Is it still “Namo Namo” for 2019?.

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