Petrochemicals plant shut down in Chennai

Petrochemical company shutdown one of its two plants in Manali,Chennai as it is causing a great pollution.

The company was shutdown on behalf of the notice passed by CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD(CPCB) on December 17.In a letter dated on December 25,2018 Manali petrochemicals limited disclosed to Bombay stock exchange has received notice from the CPCB under 5 act of environmental protection of 1985 seeking to stop the operation of the plant located on the ponneri high road.

In the letter by the company secretary P.Kothandaraman said,’the company addressing the issues and has taken necessary actions for the suspension of the order.The operation of the plant 1 has been stopped in order to the compliance with the notice where as the plant 2 remain unaffected.

When contacted ,CPCB officials in New Delhi told TOI that a team from the regional directorate, Bengaluru inspected the plant on November 8 and observed high biochemical oxygen demand level to be 114 mg/litre as against the permissible limit of 100 mg/litre in treated effluent water. Experts said polluted rivers had a BOD of 8 mg/litre.

The chemical oxygen demand level i.e oxidisable pollutant was 476 mg/litre which was much higher than allowed maximum of 250 mg/litre. THE Old lagoon on the plant premises, where the treated water was stored, also had 285 mg of oxidisable pollutants per litre as against the permissible 250 mg/liter.