monkey fever in karanataka

Six people in the state of karnataka would have died by the disease called kysanur forest disease this disease is also called monkey fever. The name monkey fever is also called as it spreads from a dead monkey .there are around 15 people who have been tested positive for this fatal disease.

The government officials are working hard to stop the wide spread of disease in the state and advices people to be away at least 50 metres from a dead monkey.

monkey fever is a disease caused by virus named kyasanur forest disease virus (kfdv). The virus is named so because it has been first isolated in kyasanur forest, karnataka, India.this virus causes zoonatic endemic disease and it is from a family of virus named flaviviridae.

there is no specific treatment or correct cure for this virus. The treatment is some supporting therapies like maintaining hydration and the performance of the neurological systems

The symptoms of this disease are frontal headache, chilled body i.e decrease in body temperature and fever .the other symptoms are severe muscle pain,vommiting and diarrhoea, mental disturbances,etc. the people who are infected by this virus may also experience an abnormal low pressure , low platelet,red blood cell and white blood cells.

the recovery period of people affected by this virus is in a span of 1 to 2 weeks people will be out of serious stage of the disease but it take several months for a complete cure.the fatality rate is about 2% to 10% for kfd as per national health portal , india.

the vaccine for this virus exist and it is used in the areas where there is regular attack of this virus.the vaccine can prevent from the virus infection but there is no medicine and so it takes a long time for its cure.the basic preventive measure is to use insect repellents,wearing dresses that can protect us and most preventive measure is to avaoid contact with the dead monkey.