gold worth of 8 crore has been seized in chennai airport

seized in chennai

two south korean women  who try to smuggle gold of 24 kg worth 8 crore has got caught by customs officials at meenambakkam airport.the officials has said hanbyoul jung aged 26 and eunyoung kim aged 26had arrived from hong kong throught the flight named cathay pacific flight cx 631. thay have been arrested.

the customs officer has prior known about this as there was huge amount of gold to be smuggled by the passengers.they were intially questioned about their arrival,as their answers were irrelevent and doubtful the women officers made a thorough search.during the search the officer found that they were wearing a mini shorts under their skirts and pajamas. the shorts had two pockets infront and two at the back.there was 12 kg of gold in a women which was hidden totally it was 24 kg of gold both the women were having.the gold they were trying to smuggle was 24 karat pure gold and worth of 8 crore.the gold was seized under the provision of customs act,1962.