Dean Ambrose Attacks Seth Rollins In A Live Event

dean ambros
The Shield
The Shield , one of the most dangerous trio in the history of WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment) and currently they have suffering at the moment .. As we know that the former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been suffering from Leukemia for the past 11 years and was diagnosed but now after some year it has returned back .. Due to which he has to relinquish his WWE Universal Championship.. But at the same night something strange happened .. Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins Defeated The Tag Team Championship at the same night .. But After winning the tag team championship . Dean Ambrose Attacked Seth rollins .. The Stake was high he kept attacking his buddy Seth Freakin Rollins .. We still don’t have any idea about the thing why he had to attack his buddy .

But we recently saw in other live event Dean Ambrose again attacked his buddy Seth Rollins ..
Here is the link for the Video :Dean Attacked Seth Rollins

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