Ban on plastic to be followed strictly in Tamil Nadu

plastic banned

Tamil Nadu government has made a strict rule to ban plastic against all plastic manufacturing industries.The government has given time up to 31,December,2018 to stop the manufacturing of plastic items and stop selling it to the customers.The main aim is to make a plastic free Tamil Nadu.

The environment minister K.C.Karuppannan was taking part in the regional conference on the awareness for plastic free Tamil Nadu that was held for various stake holders in Chennai has said that ‘strict action would be taken against all industries manufacturing banned plastic items after he deadline of december 31,2018’.

The associations of plastic manufacturers are stating that they were not ready for the plastic ban and they have asked extend the time to ban plastic so that they would not be affected by this sudden ban on the product they are manufacturing.For this the reply by the Minister is there will not be any extension of time and he also added that they are still dicussing about the fine or penalties for consumers using plastic.

He stated that implementing the ban on plastic would not be much difficult as there more campaigns and awarness camps were also held in different regions.

more than 500 people including representatives from industries, plastic manufacturers etc. were the part of the conference and workshop held. we are aiming at the behavioral change among people and have received good response from people as many have shifted to alternative products of plastic’ he said.