14th anniversary of tsunami disaster observed in chennai

On this day a tremendous attack of tsunami has taken place in Tamil Nadu, Chennai in the year of 2004.As a remembrance and to pray for the lives dead in this disaster the politicians, people and the fishermen has been gathered for its 14th anniversary.

The natural disaster tsunami which has hit Tamil Nadu on 26, December,2004 was because of the severe earthquake in the Indian Ocean at a magnitude of 9.1 Megathrust this was the highest measure of earthquake in Richter scale had ever shown in recent history. This earthquake has caused sea waves to rise up to 100 feet height and even more higher and make the sea water to over flood into the living areas.The tsunami attack was not only in chennai but also in Cuddalore,Nagapattinam,Velankanni,Poombhuhar and chennai.The death count only in INDIA was about 18000.This attack was not only in India but also in 14 countries as the earthquake has occured in the INDIAN OCEAN.Indonessia was the most affected country by this attack.The overall death count by this tsunami attack all over the world was 230000.This is the highest death rate of people died in tsunami.

This earthquake was unprecedented at that in this great magnitude of 9.1 Megathrust.After this tremendous government taken measure to observe the ocean for it condition in order to warn or make the releif measure in prior.

The people living in the coastal areas has done silent prayers and rallies.Many people has offered milk,food and flowers for their people whom they have lost in the unexpected attack of nature.